Dance is such a word whoever hears, smiles automatically gets energetic despite the age. Dance & music are always used in every festival, Marriage, Birthday Parties, Corporate parties & events etc in India. Actually not only in India but all over world.  Dance is a good way to express our happiness. If we will go to “Puranic Kathaiyen”  we see, God too were dancing. History is full of narratives about dances and dance forms. We can conclude that dances have been around for millennia Dance is a good exercise for mental & physical well-being , as well as one learns to be creative at any age. Now a days physical activity is very little in our surrounding. Everyone is busy with their work. They have no time for extra activities or their health. So Dance is good source of exercise for your health as well as extra curriculum activity.

Dance is very important for our new generation, especially for kids as nowadays there is no outdoor activity due to our environment. I think every kid needs to spend at least 1-2 hours dancing for their health and mental growth.

Delhi Dance House

Vivek Vishwanathan

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